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Walking with the trees dryad cards

Walking with the trees dryad cards
the Low Countries tree oracle

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There is nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend

The Walking with the trees (Dutch: Op stap met de bomen) card deck is meant to bring the trees, their wisdom, humour and power closer to you. This deck features twenty-nine indigenous trees, for over centuries one can meet these trees in the Low Countries. The thirtiest card is a unique your tree card and there are three blank cards that you can add to your deck to your liking.

The dryad cards show a tree-photo that captures the imagination. One that raises interest to go out and get acquainted to this tree yourself. I listened, felt, tasted which words the dryads wanted to share. Each card, every tree, brings a message that inspires, gives power, offers consolation, reminds you of calmness or encourages to get moving.

The enclosed booklet contains a plain introduction, a clear explanation of why and how to draw inspirational cards, and of course it contains all dryad counsels. It is a great starting point to forge your own connection with the trees and to receive their messages in your own manner.

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Selection of the dryad cards

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The back cover

Trees offer us protection, fuel, resources, food and medicin. No wonder that they have been present in our stories and legends for thousands of years. Once you enter into those stories, a whole world will open up to you. You can see the trees as guardian angels who are always there for you. These dryads take you outside, and you can take them inside. Make your own connection with trees and invite them into your daily life. Fall under the spell of trees and draw a dryad card.

This Low Countries tree oracle contains twenty-nine trees from our own soil, a unique thirtiest card and three blank cards to be used for your own trees. Use the dryad cards to your heart's content to discover and strenghten your own bond with the trees, both inside and outside.

Asking for your patience

  • The crowdfunding campaign for this deck of cards has been succesfully closed on June 11th, 2024. We are working on finishing the design, and after that we will put the printer's to work. Further information will follow as soon as possible.

  • Follow the trail to the publication date via Cawen inspires newsletter. I have declared Tuesday-Dryadday on social media, instagram and facebook. There I will share news every Tuesday.

    I am sorry to announce that at this moment launching a full English deck is too high in costs. However, for a small extra fee you can order the booklet in English version. This will give you the dryad counsels and you can learn Dutch tree names at the same time! C-; Stay tuned for updates.

  • Placing your order: Walking with the trees dryad cards (full Dutch version) costs €36, including shipment in the Netherlands. I am currently investigating the price for the booklet in English. Please send your order or question to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

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This deck is rooted in the tradition and stories of tree shaman Dusty Miller 13 and other tree lovers. The tree cards themselves have been planted with help from a successful crowdfunding campaign at voordekunst. You can read about it and look at the videos via voordekunst.nl

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Als je altijd probeert om normaal te zijn,
zul je nooit ontdekken hoe uitzonderlijk je kunt zijn

- Maya Angelou