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Soul Journey reading with Tony

Soul Journey reading

Labyrinth Wisdom CardsWorking with the Labyrinth Wisdom Cards deck that was created by and through him, Tony Christie will give you a personal reading. The reading will focus on your Soul’s Journey.

As nothing happens by accident and everything is inter-connected, the cards chosen will have a special significance for you at the time. The labyrinth Wisdom Cards illustrate and interpret different aspects of your life’s journey, so whatever cards are chosen will relate to events in your life. This is a wonderful way to gain insights and understanding of issues that may not otherwise be clear to you.

If you have a particular issue that you are looking for insights or answers, please let Tony know at the start of the session so that this can be considered during the reading.

Praktische informatie

Datum: vrijdag 13 september 2024
Tijd: ongeveer 30 minuten, op afspraak

Locatie: Uden, details volgen

Bijdrage: €45,-

Aanmelden kan rechtstreeks bij Tony via Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

About Tony Ærcyus Christie 

Tony Christie

Tony Ærcyus Christie is a Messenger of Oneness, mystic, and spiritual teacher. He has been receiving the Golden Sphere Energetic devices for the past several years and is now being guided to share them with humanity.

He is author of “Labyrinth: Your Path to Self-Discovery” and the creator of The Labyrinth Wisdom Cards; a deck of wonderfully insightful cards with messages for you on your journey in life. He has reintroduced an ancient form of healing based on the labyrinth called Melchizedek Labyrinth Healing. He is also a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, and a practitioner of Kriya Yoga.

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