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Soul Connection Reading

Soul Connection reading / healing

A healing session with Fionnuala helps bring balance into all areas of your life, while also giving you insights into what has brought you to this point in your life. During and after the session, you will feel deeply relaxed and at peace. In addition, you will experience reduced stress and anxiety, and there will be a balancing and healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Fionnuala will clear and rebalance your chakras and energy centres. There will often be a release of emotional blockages, that can bring greater clarity and insights for you. From the energy release, you will be more able to replace fixed thoughts and patterns with new, healthier, and more balanced approaches to life.

What does a healing session involve?

Fionnuala will first ask you why you came for the session. After a short discussion, Fionnuala will ask you to lie down on a massage type table, or you may remain seated in a chair. You will be fully clothed. During the session, Fionnuala will tune into your energy. She will intuitively sense areas where your physical body, chakras, and energy bodies need healing. Fionnuala may gently place her hands on parts of the body where she is specifically drawn to help free up and heal the energies in those areas, including directing Universal healing energies into specific parts of the body.

A healing session with Fionnuala lasts approximately 1 hour. This includes the actual healing and also time to discuss what happened during the session and where you go from here.


What information might Fionnuala receive during a healing session?

roos donkerrrozeFionnuala receives information relevant to your healing, and to both your personal and spiritual development, from a variety of sources, her guide etc.; although not all may be received for everyone at every session.

Images may be shown to Fionnuala that indicate where healing is needed. She may see present or past life experience or see a picture of an internal organ. She may receive words of reassurance from your guides or loved ones; and may also be shown physical issues that you are experiencing or have experienced in the past.

As Fionnuala may communicate with your inner child during her healing sessions, the information she receives is coming straight from a part of you that you are currently not able to access. Fionnuala is solely assisting in you healing yourself.

Fionnuala may also receive information relating to a past life that is blocking you in some way in this lifetime. Thought patterns and habits that are no longer serving you, or blocking your healing, may be revealed. Fionnuala may also receive guidance for you in relation to lifestyle issues, or other areas that will be of assistance to you in your personal and soul’s journey.


Soul Connection Reading

During the reading you will sit with Fionnuala, she will touch your hands and communicate with your energy field. She will also work with her guides and your guides to bring you information that is most relevant to you at this time to help you on your life path. This may include information related to the now, the past, or the future and your soul’s energy.


About Fionnuala Christie – Intuitive Energy Therapist and Spiritual Healer

Fionnuala ChristieFionnuala has been working as an intuitive therapist for over 27 years. She is dedicated to enabling people who come to her to feel more peace, freedom, and abundance in their lives.

Fionnuala possesses a unique gift that enables her to identify what is blocking a person from moving on. Then using energetic techniques and her intuitive abilities Fionnuala works on clearing and rebalancing your energy field so that you are free to live a more fulfilled life.

Some of Fionnuala’s work involves working with her guides and angels, while she may also receive guidance from your own guides. She may also communicate with your inner child to bring you a greater understanding of what areas need healing. Fionnuala receives information through her extra sensory abilities such as clairvoyance (seeing images and events), clairaudience (hearing from outside her normal perception) and being empathetic (understanding your situation, feelings and life issues).

Praktische informatie

Datum: vrijdag 13 september 2024
Tijd: ongeveer 60 minuten, op afspraak

Locatie: Uden, details volgen

Bijdrage: €70,-

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