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Labyrinth Experience 2024

The way of the labyrinth is
the way of oneness,
the way of love, and
the way to your true self


klassiek labyrintThe labyrinth is an ancient symbol that is a gift to humanity. It is a symbol that supports you on your life’s journey and brings healing and higher vibrational energies for your advancement. It is a symbol of oneness, a symbol of you and a symbol of Love.

The way of the labyrinth workshop brings together the many diverse aspects and associations of the labyrinth and merges them into a coherent and uniform whole that expands on what we already know about the labyrinth bringing a whole new and exciting way to merge with the labyrinth and its higher vibrational energies.

There are layers and dimensions to the labyrinth that are being revealed to us as we immerse ourselves in it. During this ‘Way of the Labyrinth’ workshop, you will learn and experience how the labyrinth:
• Supports you in your life’s learnings
• Brings clarity to areas of your life
• Raises your vibration
• Reveals new insights, and
• Nurtures new and enhanced states of being

Knowledge, experience, reflection

Tony’s workshop features a threefold approach of knowledge, experience and reflection. You will learn new information about the labyrinth: some of it being revealed for the first time. Experiences of the labyrinth will include advanced labyrinth walking practices and new ways of using the labyrinth. You will also have some time for personal reflection so you can integrate the knowledge and experiences.

Drawing on years of working with the labyrinth and pursuing his own spiritual path, Tony will be sharing his wisdom and joining with you on this stage of your journey.

Workshop content

Aspects of the labyrinth explored during the workshop include:

  • remember the Way of Being
  • the gifts of awareness on the labyrinth way
  • meditations on the way of the labyrinth
  • practical exercises to step fully on to the way and into your authentic self
  • how the labyrinth is related to other ways of spiritual progression; including:
    • the Alchemical Path of Transformation
    • the Way of the Fool
    • the Way of the Seven

And more. . .

About the speaker and presenter

Tony ChristieTony Ærcyus Christie is a spiritual teacher and healer, Messenger of Oneness, author, artist, labyrinth consultant and inspirational speaker. He is author of the book “Labyrinth: Your Path to Self Discovery”, and creator of the “Labyrinth Wisdom Cards”.

He is an Advanced Veriditas certified labyrinth facilitator and has facilitated workshops all over the world in Asia, Australia, America and Europe, bringing a new and unique approach to working with the labyrinth. In his workshops, Tony teaches about the labyrinth, particularly how to use the labyrinth as a safe space to explore your journey in life, and how it brings you into a state of oneness with all of existence.

Tony works intuitively. This means that the program is subject to change to meet the day’s and group’s requirements.


About the labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness, over 4,000 years old. Labyrinths can help you feel centred and balanced, and gain insights into your life. Labyrinth help bring you to a place of peace, and joy.

The labyrinth is also a symbol of you, and the path of the labyrinth represents your soul’s journey. In learning about the labyrinth, you are learning about yourself. This labyrinth workshop is designed to bring you to a greater understanding of who you are, what your life is about, and accessing your innate inner joy.

Praktische informatie

Datum: zaterdag 14 september 2024
Tijd: van
10:00 tot ongeveer 17:00 uur, inloop vanaf 09:30 uur

Locatie: de Dansherberg, Voordijk 22 in St Hubert

Bijdrage: €126,-
Lunch is niet inbegrepen, neem ajb je eigen lunch mee

Goed om te weten:
De workshop wordt in begrijpelijk Engels gegeven; waar nodig staan vertalers van de Schaapshoeve paraat om een nuance te verduidelijken.

Meer informatie:
over Tony Ærcyus Christie en zijn werk vind je op www.TonyMChristie.com.

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