Welkom bij Labyrinspiratie

Winter Labyrinspiration Walk

Ook in het  N e d e r l a n d s !

99 days Winter Labyrinspiration Walk

Did you ever walk a labyrinth? I walk one regularly, a large one in the garden, with my finger on a wooden labyrinth or I draw one at the beach. Not one of the walks was ever the same and each walk brought me something: an insight, an idea, inspiration, gratefulness, a moment of quiet.

In this online workshop you can meet the labyrinth: you learn how to walk one, how to draw the labyrinth and you meet a couple of different labyrinth forms.

And do you have to walk the labyrinth 99 days in a row?
No, you don't, you can totally decide that yourself. (But it may be really nice to do so anyway!)


Also for advanced walkers

This journey is certainly fun for people who walked a labyrinth more often or work with it. Do you walk a labyrinth every day? (I don't!) But what would happen if you actually did do that for a while? Say 99 days? Will it continue to be fun, will it get boring? Will insights keep coming, will it become empty?

Next to this stamina investigation this labyrinspiration journey will offer you a stay with a number of less used labyrinth layouts. We all have our preference for the labyrinth we feel most familiar with. Meeting new layouts will certainly bring you new angles and points of view.

Participate from your living room

You can join from your living room, study or from your lazy cosy chair. Every nine days you will receive an e-mail with the labyrinspiration invitation for the next nine days. I will also include a document with the fingerlabyrinth that you can print and use.

You start your journey at the beginning of winter and return at the beginning of spring (for those on the nothern hemisphere, that is!).

Join in and discover (even) more about the labyrinth!

Practical information

Date: Tuesday November 2nd, 2021 until and including Wednesday February 9th, 2022
The middle (fiftiest) day is midwinter, on Tuesday December 21st, 2021
(Or it midsummer, if you're on the southern hemisphere)

Location: your living room or study or favourite chair or ...
You will receive the guidelines and inspiration to travel at home via e-mail

Foreknowledge: not necessary at all!
Just prepare some curiosity, dicovery fun and travel joy

How it works: by e-mail
Every nine days you will receive an e-mail with the labyrinspiration invitation for the next nine days

Fee: €27,- (approx. USD32,-)
for 14 weeks, with 12 labyrinspiration invitations
including different finger labyrinths to print

Send your registration or question to
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Reactions from participants

You made me experience wonderful places

"I thought it was a wonderful trip around the world of labyrinths. Thank you Carin for your care as our tour guide! You made me experience wonderful places!" - Thanks, Wendy Smits - Van de Ven

A comfortable way of wintering

"What a journey, what a journey! Indeed a very comfortable way of 'wintering' without having to travel south for it. Simply at home in a warm bath, in good company, with people who share the same interest and passion, led by a professional guide. I have enjoyed it and am still enjoying it. It's been very inspiring." - Çita Lampers

Went by quickly, inspiring workshop

"Day 100, doesn't that seem like a long time... but with your inspiring workshop the time it all labyrinthed by very quickly! Thanks for this workshop!" - Heartfelt greetings, Sarie

I have had many nice experiences and insights

"I enjoyed all the letters that arrived in my virtual letterbox, with nice facts and explanations about the different labyrinths. Nice to be encouraged to walk some other labyrinths too. I have had many nice experiences and insights and I also enjoyed meeting Carin. You created a very nice journey here, Carin. I hope you can introduce many more people on this path!" - Good luck and thanks, Monique Coppens

Diary as tangible and visible memory

"I enjoyed this journey: I was surprised by the invitation letters and the labyrinths, the exchange with the other participants, and all creative expressions. I look back at this with great pleasure. I keep my diary as a tangible and visible memory. My labyrinth journey continues. Thank you Carin and all other participants." - Ursula Bouwmeester

Every day a poem

"I managed to walk a finger labyrinth every day and I am very happy about it. Each time I write down what surfaces and I write a poem. It brought me a lot, you must have realised that by now. Thank you very very much for your inspiring words with the different labyrinths." - Nel Hogervorst - van Kampen

/ | \

"Wat je ziet, hangt af van waar je zit in de kring."

- via Sig Lonegren